Warehousing racks and shelving

Pallet racking

It is best suitable for warehouses with many kinds of goods.

  • It is easy to change height of beams.
  • Pallet picking is convenient.
  • Beams have double walls at impact limit points.
  • The profile is designed so that on loading the structure all of it was used 100 per cent.
  • Available in various colours.
  • No limitation for vertical and horizontal beams.
  • Could be adapted for various for various dimensions of goods.


Durable and easy-to-assemble shelves for manual handling.

  • Suitable for storage of medium size and small goods, spare parts, etc.
  • Fast-to-assemble.
  • Could be used in offices, warehouses, shops, garages, service stations and in food industry.
  • Look nice and modern.
  • Stable and able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Accessories, partitions and boxes are available.
  • Available in different colours.

Drive-in pallet racking

Ideal solution for storing one type of products.

  • What is peculiar about the system is that on a comparatively small area it is possible to store big quantity of pallets as no passages between the racks are required.
  • The usage of the area is 85 per cent.
  • There no limitations for designing the drive-in racks – up to 10 000 pallet stations could be arranged.
  • Especially safe.
  • The structure is designed to withstand the direct impact of machinery


Racking for long goods

Used for horizontal loading of long items.

  • Durable and may be used for various applications.
  • Single side or two sided cantilevers are available.
  • Could be installed in the open (and mount a roof).
  • Durable, especially safe, designed to withstand heavy loads and sustain stability.